Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

We are at #3 5777 Trans Canada Hwy in Duncan, BC. In the same plaza as Sushi house, and Mission Thrift Store.

What are your hours?

We are open for appointments and walkins 11am to 7pm Tuesday through Saturday, with appointments available on Mondays.

How much do you charge?

We charge by the piece, based off of the amount of work involved in the tattoo with discounted rates for multiple session tattoos. As a starting point, our minimum charge is $150, and we have piles of flash available for $170.

What does it take to get a large tattoo, like a sleeve or a backpiece?

Large tattoos are generally done in multiple sessions over several months. You must put down a deposit to book, and the deposit comes off the cost of the last appointment. Generally, you will need at least $600 per session for larger work.

How much is the deposit?

We take a minimum of $100 for the deposit on appointments, but if you want to put down more, it will go onto your account and can be used to pay for any appointments as long as there is still at least $100 remaining for the last appointment.

If I change my mind before my appointment, can I get my deposit back?

No. We take deposits to secure appointments, and to ensure that the time we spend drawing your design is not wasted. Once you have booked an appointment, that is time that other people can’t book, and time that will be spent drawing for you. That is a lot of time wasted if you change your mind, and the artist deserves to be compensated for that. So be sure about your tattoo before you book the appointment.

Do I need an appointment?

We like to take walkins whenever we can, so appointments are not strictly necessary, but if you are doing anything that will require a fair bit of drawing, or take more than an hour or two it is best to book in.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book appointments in person, or through the website, but make sure we know what it is you want when booking online. The best way to do that is to have a consultation ahead of time, which you can also book through the site, or just stop by the shop.

How should I prepare for a tattoo appointment?

How you prepare will have a massive impact on everyone’s experience during your tattoo. There are several important things that will set you up for success. Be sober. Don’t come into the shop high, or drunk. Neither one of those things will actually make the tattoo go smoother for you, and will likely result in you being ejected from the shop, with your deposit forfeited. Be well rested. Tattooing isn’t the most painful thing in the world, but it does take a bit out of you. If you have a good sleep the night before, you will be able to handle things better. Be clean, and don’t stink. We have to spend a lot of time right next to you, so please shower ahead of time and please avoid perfumes. Eat. Tattooing tends to cause a drop in blood sugar, so it’s a good idea to have a substantial meal ahead of time. You may even want to bring some snacks/candy if you’re having a long session.

Can I use a numbing cream?

It is not recommended. There are lots of questionable products out there, and lots of side effects associated with them. Numbing creams rarely work as well as they claim, tend to make the tattooing process more difficult, and can actually change the colour of the inks used. No one wants to end up with a gross brown in their tattoo when they were expecting a bright red. If we find a product that numbs well, and doesn’t have adverse effects on the tattoo, we will offer it.