Jeremy Friesen

Owner | Tattooist | Duncan, BC

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Jeremy Friesen | Built to Last Tattoos

About Jeremy Friesen

Meet Jeremy, the multi-talented artist and motorcycle aficionado behind Built to Last Tattoos! With over 25 years of tattooing experience, Jeremy’s journey began in Saskatoon, where he first picked up the needle. He’s since left his mark in shops across Western Canada, finally settling in Duncan. Tired of life on the road, Jeremy planted his roots and opened Built to Last Tattoos, where he specializes in everything from timeless classics to vibrant modern masterpieces. As a passionate fine artist, Jeremy’s love for Japanese Irezumi tattoos shines through in his work, blending traditional techniques with contemporary flair. When he’s not creating art, you’ll find him tearing up the race track or exploring Vancouver Island’s backcountry on his dirt bike, living life on the edge.